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I'm a writer, lover of life, Curious George in human form - love to share ideas, inspire others, offer hope and kindness and seize the day.

  1. I need to learn to stand up for myself more and apologize less.
  2. Salty ocean breezes are one of the most beautiful gifts for weary souls.
  3. You get more out of those you employ when you pay them what they are worth, rather than trying to save a few dollars.

As I lay down to rest for the night, I’m here needing to make sense of my thoughts.

I’m tired, are you?

I’ve been trying so hard.

The earth is spinning around, and each day seems to bleed into the next.

I live near the ocean, in a little cottage…

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If you’ve been dealing with lots of anxiety and stress lately, it’s important for you to know that food can make a massive difference in the way you feel. Sometimes our bodies are craving nutrients and our nervous systems suffer in ways we’re completely unaware.

One of the nutrients that…

Going to sleep 😴 and hoping for good things when I wake. Today was a mixed bag. Began strong. Worked hard.

Got caught in a rut of worry by 1pm. Funny how that happens. Going from clarity and focus to fear.

I’ve been waking up to the growing understanding of…

Stagnancy = being stagnant; standing still; without current or circulation. stagnation. inaction, inactiveness, inactivity — the state of being inactive.

Feel like life is bowling you over?

Here’s what you do…

Avoid stagnancy at all costs.

We’re not talking being busy for the sake of being busy.

It’s about keeping…

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels

I’ve been writing about loss and grieving for quite some time.

My first brush with loss was when my father passed away when I was 10-years-old. He had a heart attack and died unexpectedly.

And then, I watched my mom take her last breaths six years ago after a bout…

My mom told me about him one day on the phone. Little did I know then that she only had about six months more of life to live from that day forward.

It was one of those calls that a busy 38-year-old (me then) receives from a mom who craves…

I was always told that with hard work and a lot of dreaming anything is possible.

My dad would say it over and over again.

My mom was my biggest supporter. She told me over and over again what a special human she thought I was.

But I keep asking…

Jen Engevik

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